Caruth Piano Studio

Adult Piano Lessons Freedom Plan

adult piano lessons

Do you travel in your job?  Is your life just too unpredictable for structured piano lessons?  Now you can learn to play and work around your crazy schedule! 

Private lessons will be offered at a rate of $50 per lesson (must be able to commit to ALMOST every week).  The lessons will be planned around your schedule (and mine...I travel also!)  All lessons will be scheduled one month in advance according to your needs.   (If you are only able to fit two lessons in a month, the tuition fee remains the same.)  All other studio policies apply to the freedom plan.

This offers you SO much flexibility!  With limited availability, there's no reason to put off what you've wanted to learn your entire life!

Does not include fees for additional books and materials.

Please join in the fun!

Click here to register for the

adult private lessons freedom plan!

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