Caruth Piano Studio

Welcome to Caruth Piano Studio!  Because I believe that music has a place in everyone’s life, my program is quite varied. All students will be trained in music reading, theory, ear training, composition, and improvisation, and will have a variety of performance opportunities.  Although I believe that all pianists need to be grounded in classical repertoire, I also incorporate music to fit each student’s individual tastes drawing from many genres.

Tuition fees take into consideration that I must provide all of my insurance, retirement, social security, and continuing education costs, as well as bear the expense of equipping and maintaining my studio, instruments, libraries and other equipment and supplies. They also take into consideration that I spend even more hours studying, planning and corresponding with parents. Teaching is my profession, my business, and my art; I wish to present and live up to policies that give me the time and financial security to devote most of my energy to the creative act of sharing music with people. I acknowledge my students' and their parents' place in a three-way relationship, and pledge to do my best to make music study a rich, growing experience for my students. I love what I do and I hope to inspire each student to discover their true musical potential and independent work ethic.

Studio Policies

Fall and Summer Schedule

Your private lesson time is reserved exclusively for you, during the school year from August through the beginning of June.  Five summer lessons and one group class are included in your payment plan. Together we will plan for 5 private summer lessons to fit your schedule and mine so that we can work around camps, vacations, church activities, etc.
Every student regardless of lesson time or day is scheduled for the following:

  • 32 private lessons during the academic year
  •  5 private summer lessons (one additional studio class is late summer)
  •  10 studio classes (held Saturday mornings during the academic year.)  (See schedule for dates and times)
  •  Yearly registration/studio fee. (The cost of one lesson).
  • **The above scheduling totals 48 meetings REGARDLESS of how many times I see you per month.  Payment is a flat rate making the average of 4 meetings per month for 12 months.  Vacation times are scheduled into the calendar however you are not charged (no paid vacations) when I don't see you for a private or studio session. 

Please record the calendar information so you know when you do and do not have lessons and group class!  This information is also included on your yearly handbook cover for your convenience.


Hour or 45 minute options are available.Tuition is due in two semester payments.   Lesson tuition is based on a FLAT FEE also payable in 12 equal monthly installments August 2020 through August  2021. Semester payments are recommended, however monthly installments may be made for personal budgeting ease with the understanding that you are signing a year-long contract without refund. Monthly payments are due prior to the final day of each month for the following month in order to avoid a late fee. 

                                                                                45 minute lessons $180.00 monthly (Includes group classes)

 60 minute lessons  $240.00 monthly (Includes group classes)

During the course of a year, each student receives a combination of exactly 48 class and private lessons and registration. Contract is for two full semesters from August 2020 through summer lessons in 2021. 

Please call about specialized plans for adults.

Check, cash or automatic bank draft are accepted. Credit card, Venmo, Paypal type of payments are unavailable. You will receive receipt for each payment.  Make all checks payable to: Cyndie Caruth

Missed Lessons/Group

It is not the responsibility of this studio to make up or change times due to the students’ conflicts or vacations.  Your tuition reserves a regular time that is saved for only YOU! A swap sheet is provided on the website schedule for YOUR convenience. No refunds will be given under any circumstances. Call me if inclement weather occurs and we will work it out, particularly for those of you who live out of town.  Do not drive in adverse weather conditions, instead, a ZOOM lesson is offered during your regular lesson time.

Additional Fees

Each student will secure a minimum $50.00 deposit for the sole purpose of tracking purchased materials, books and sheet music, competition fees and late payment charges.  All are automatically deducted and tracked monthly from each student's personal Excel spreadsheet.  You will be notified by email when a deposit is depleted and may add to tuition or issue a separate check to bring this account back to a $50.00 balance.


1.  A 3-ring binder:  your handbook, weekly assignment sheets/ theory and scale sheets and copies of scores for studio use and taking notes.. You will also have a folder on the studio Google Drive forr long-term pieces that I will use regularly to track your progress.

2.  A metronome is required for all students. These are available at most music stores.  Prices start at about $25.00, depending upon the type that you select. There are also a number of metronome or drumming apps.  Be sure it is loud enough to hear over playing. Headphones are helpful.

3. Recording capability:  Each student needs to have the capability of recording at each lesson.  The parent may wish to use a smartphone or a high-quality recording device. 

4. Tuning: Care of your home instrument is essential, and should be monitored by a professional tuner at least twice per year. (Tune when the heat is turned on and again when it is turned off.) The fee for this service averages about $130.00. I will be happy to recommend tuners in your area.  

5. Bench:   An adjustable bench that promotes good posture and proper height is highly recommended.  Also available for younger students is a pedal extender which fosters good posture and concentration, allowsing a place for the feet to rest comfortably.

Recitals and Competitions

  • Two studio recitals (required activity) each year are held during Winter and the Awards Recital in the Spring.   
  •  Please check the studio schedule online and in your handbook for times and dates.  These are planned before the FIRST lesson in August, so please mark your calendars in advance! 
  • Competitions are provided as a means of growth and are recommended to all who are ready!  

Additional questions, please email me at:


Yes, there's a right way and a wrong way.  
  • Please do this in person, not by email, text or phone.  I would extend the same courtesy to you.  
  •  Notification in June (at the time new contracts are issued) is required should you choose not to continue in the fall.  I usually have a long waiting list and it is only fair that you respect my business and my schedule.  You will NOT hurt my feelings as long as you are honest!   
  • Any lessons not attended through the end of August will be charged to you as a part of your 12-month signed contract. Once the schedule has posted, I’ve usually turned potential students away.  By the beginning of the school year, they have found other teachers so it is only fair you let me know immediately so I can fill time slots.
  •   It is expected that you will return all library materials and items that belong to the studio during your final lesson  at which time we will have an exit lesson. Full payment is due at the exit lesson for any unused/ forfeited lessons.

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