Caruth Piano Studio

Interested in adult or private piano instruction for your child?

Ankeny, Iowa
Cyndie Caruth, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music 
mobile: 515-979-8131
Regardless of age or prior experience, please fill out the information below for the next available interview. 
 Adult students should fill your own name in the required Parents Name field. 

Interviews will be charged a $45 fee to be fully credited at the time of your first lesson payment. 

Some students may be placed on a waiting list until a time slot opens up.

Your personal information will never be shared in any way with other web hosts, sites or outside parties.  All information will be for private use with the associated business. 

Requests for new private students will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  Students who have studied privately from a previous studio should be willing to share the information about materials and the studio from which they are transferring. It is the policy of this studio that any student transferring from another studio be very candid with the former teacher.  My relationship with my colleagues is extremely valuable and I prefer to have a conversation with the previous instructor.  After that time, an interview ($45 for a mini lesson interview payable at the interview) will be granted.  Following the interview with the student and parents (which includes the mini-lesson), the instructor will contact you concerning future lessons, waiting lists or other recommendations.

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