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The Caruth Crew, Recital December 2019

Aiden Z.  First Recital,  Placed Honorable mention at Des Moines IMTA Auditions in Level A.

Aiden F. Winner of Des Moines IMTA Auditions, Level A

Amelia, beginning her 2nd year of lessons

Anna, first year at Caruth Piano Studio.  Won IMTA piano auditions, Level E

Anni  starting second year.  1st Alternate at IMTA Auditions, Level A.  

Annelise, Honorable Mention, IMTA Level A

Anna W, starting second year of lessons.  Participant in IMTA auditions.

Anushka, performed in IMTA auditions and was featured in the 2019 Dorian Festival Honors Recital.

Aria, first piano recital!

Arnav, first piano recital, performed at IMTA Piano Auditions in Des Moines.

Becca, 2nd Alternate, Level C IMTA Auditions

Ben, participated in piano auditions, 2019

Cecelia, Honorable mention in IMTA Piano Auditions 2019

Chloe, F level Winner IMTA Piano Auditions, Featured in Advanced Dorian Festival Recital and participated in the state MTNA Competition.

Chris, second year, IMTA Level A 2nd alternate winner 2019, Theory Honor Roll perfect score.

Crista, adult student performed during recital reception.

Duy, Iowa State Winner of MTNA Junior Competition.  IMTA Level E Auditions Winner, 2019.

Eleron, first recital.

Elise, first recital and performed in IMTA Auditions.

Ellen, Level C Honorable Mention in IMTA level C auditions.  Also Featured in the Dorian Festival Recital

Ethan, starting second year. Performed in the Iowa State Fair All Stars Concert.

Gwenyth, 2018-19 B level State winner, 2019 District winner level C.

Hannah, Level C 1st Alternate IMTA Auditions.  Dorian Festival Honor Recital Performer.

Isabelle, IMTA Auditions,Level B Honorable Mention.

Jan,adult student-  first recital, reception performer.

Jordan, third year student.

Leaf, Level B 2nd Alternate, IMTA Auditions 2019.  Theory Perfect Score.

Lili, Level B 1st alternate, IMTA Auditions.

Lisa, first year at Caruth Studio, Level A Honorable Mention IMTA Auditions.

Maddie, first piano recital.

Matthew, first piano recital

Michael, first piano recital.

Nhim, District  Winner Level B IMTAPiano Auditions.

Randy, IMTA auditions Level C Winner, Dorian Festival Honors Recital Performer.

Sarah, IMTA auditions Honorable Mention, Level E, Dorian Festival Advanced Recital Performer.  Jr. Terrace Hill Competition performer.

Sebastian, IMTA Auditions, Theory Honor Roll Perfect Score.

Sevey, Level C IMTA Participant, Dorian Festival Participant.

Taylor, IMTA Level D Honorable Mention, Dorian Festival Advanced Honors Recital, Participated in MTNA State Competition.

Tillie, Level A IMTA Winner, 2019

Veronica, Level A IMTA performer, 2019

Vincent, Level B IMTA Auditions Winner 2019.

Vivian, Level B Honorable Mention, IMTa Auditions 2019

Wes, Participant in Dorian Festival, Luther College

Zoe, IMTA Level D Winner, Performer in Dorian Festival Honor Recital, Luther College.

October 2016

Alysa Zhou was the IMTA Junior High Alternate Winner at Warburg College on Saturday, October 29, 2016.    Alysa was also chosen to perform in Milwaukee at the Polish festival Chopin Competition in June. Congratulations!


Alysa Zhou 2017 Iowa MTNA Alternate winner

Duy Duong was one of six Talent Sprout winners at the Iowa State Fair in the Bill Riley Talent Search.  Duy was featured on Iowa Public Television in August with the other winners.  Congratulations!

May 2016

Annual Awards Recital at Rieman Music. May 22 at 2:00 pm. Great crowd, great performances! Talented students!  Everyone played with gusto!

March 2016

Chloe Liang and Taylor Leeds performed at the Iowa State Music Teachers Competition on Saturday, March 12th at Iowa State University. Congratulations to both students for representing Caruth Piano Studio so beautifully. 


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